Soccer Business Bits: ESPN Tackles Germany, Hello Brand Thunder and More

espnWe love when people e-mail us story ideas, so since we got two today, we thought we would lead with those.  First, hidden in Jack Bell’s Goal Blog was a note indicating that ESPN will soon announce a deal to carry Bundesliga matches.  Following the recent announcemnt of a similar deal involving La Liga, thecommittment of ESPN to big time soccer continues to be apparent.  With the ongoing club world friendlies, Confederations Cup and of course MLS, soccer is all over the world wide leader…except for USA/Mexico.

Elsewhere, Brand Thunder has finally announced the availiability of its product on  Starting no later than July 27, the themed browser experience will be available for all teams.  For more on Brand Thunder and itsMLS relationship, please see our February discussion of the product and conversation with the Brand Thunder CEO.

Huge numbers continue to attend the World Football Challenge, with more than 50k in Atlanta.  The attendance for this event has continued to be enormous.  Not to be outdone, Toronto played before a sellout crowd in dropping in PKs to River Plate.  Soccer’s amazing popularity this Summer has been documented in many places and we won’t rehash that discussion here.  Nevertheless, it has been a pretty impressive showing (now if only half of those who purchased tickets for the Gold Cup semis in Chicago were actually there to see the US.