Soccer Business Bits: Deals, Deals Deals

galaxyMLS promotions departments are working overtime to bring fans to the stadiums.  In Los Angeles, the Galaxy are offering a free ticket promotion for all season ticket holders.  Specifically, each season ticket holder is getting an extra ticket for the upcoming Galaxy home game against the Red Bulls.  As we discussed yesterday, Galaxy attendance figures are way down this year.  After efforts to package the AC Milan game with other matches, the team is now trying to sell tickets as as stand alone event.

The Rapids are offering a promotion for their Galaxy game called the River Runners Family Pack.  The package includes 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas, and 4 tickets for a whitewater rafting trip.  The package is going for $69 and the rafting trip must be taken on one of four Rapids Family nights on the River. In a remarkable feat of promotion overload, during the same game, the Rapids will be holding a British Heritage Night, Play Clean Night and Night of Champions.

Finally, in Columbus, the defending champions are offering package deals involving a scarf commemorating the championship season.  Interestingly the tickets are being offered in minium blocks of 4, with the cheapest package including 4 tickets and 4 scarves for $76.  There is nothing unusual in these promtions. Teams the world over work hard to brings fans to the games.  However, teams are showing a good amount of creativity in putting together these promtions.  As we noted yesterday, attendance is down and teams must explore all options to keep fans coming.  crew-jersey