Seattle Sounders: A retrospective

soundersWith a long weekend upon us (for some), holiday travel in the air and the Seattle Sounders’ third home game a day away, we thought a look back at the lead-up to Seattle’s “first kick” appropriate.  The Sounders have continued strong tickets sales, have performed brilliantly on the field and have generated positive press in both soccer and mainstream media.  Three weeks into the season, much of the League is struggling at the gate (weather? economy? something else?), yet Seattle fans have continued to buy tickets (there are reports that the next few games are already sold out).

At the same time, we are only three weeks in, there have been no “bad times” for Seattle fans to struggle through, and the sellouts are largely artificial (how many tickets would they sell if they opened up Quest?).  Nevertheless, it has been a dream start for Seattle in every possible way.  For our lazy holiday weekend post, we tracked our discussion of the business of the Sounders in the weeks prior to opening day.  Check below for the links and enjoy the holidays.

On February 23, we took a long look at Seattle’s efforts to market the team in the lead-up to the new season.  We discussed Qwest as a soccer venue and got some thoughts from David Falk of and the Seattle Soccer Examiner.  On March 6, we showcased Seattle’s “scarf Seattle” campaign.  The Sounders were the talk of the City and the soccer world with their innovative guerrilla marketing strategy.

On March 20, we examined Seattle’s business model as “First Kick” arrived. We talked tickets, T.V. and conducted a pretty interesting poll.   Feel free to keep voting.  Just this week, we got New England Revolution COO Brian Bilello’s thoughts on the Rev’s new marketing campaign, but he also weighed on what lessons (if any) established clubs can take from the Sounders’ marketing and outreach efforts.  We’ve touched on Seattle elsewhere; they are the new kid in town.  Enjoy the look back.