Around MLS: San Jose Announces Marketing Campaign

san-joseJust weeks after announcing a sponsorship deal with Amway Global, the Earthquakes have announced their 2009 marketing campaign.  The campaign will combine 4 television ads, billboards and bus advertising.  The Quakes will highlight Joe Cannon and Darren Huckerby through all of the mediums utilized by the campaign.

San Jose also announced a new radio partnership with KNBR 680/1050, a sports radio station in Northern California.  The partnership will include advertising, the production of a daily 5 minute Earthquakes report and promotional activities.  According to the press release, there will also be an increased Earthquakes’ presence on the station’s website (not yet apparent).

Local media marketing is always important.  Simply getting MLS on the radar screen of mainstream media and the denizens of sports talk radio is a significant challenge.  Seattle has done this quite well (Freddy L. was trotted out over all the local airwaves when he was signed), while the Revs have gained a foothold thanks to WEEI’s “Planet Mikey“.  Generally, however MLS teams struggle for recognition in local sports talk, so San Jose’s deal with KNBR seems like a good idea.

In stadium news, Steve Goff is reporting that DC United has narrowed its potential Maryland stadium sites to three.  According to Goff, United will submit a contract on one of the sites soon.  Goff also reports that the stadium will be planned with transit in mind.united

The sooner the stadium site is selected, the quicker the process of securing approvals and funding can begin.  As important as RFK has been to the League and U.S. Soccer, it is time for United to get its own home.

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  1. […] The FSC game had the usual mix of Home Depot and ProActiv commercials combined with a fair amount of MLS Works and PassBack spots.  RSL’s broadcast (of  its game against Seatle), was heavily sponsored by KFC, and a local bank.  In San Jose, Amway again featured prominently on stadium singage and a half time interview with the Quakes’ VP of Marketing touched on the new campaign and the addition of a new beer garden and other stadium improvements.  We touched on that campaign here. […]

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